Laughing. Exploring. Relaxing. Feasting.

And everything in between

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Want to sup by the river side?

Our hospitality managers will arrange a table for you right by the river. Sit back, relax and soak in nature.

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Samsara Manali Retreat is enchanting. Give your guests some beautiful moments to preserve. Celebrate with us!

Explore Manali...

1Mountain Biking

Explore Manali in one of the most sustainable and unique ways ever. Cycle around the rugged slopes and enjoy the cool breeze of the mountains.

2Rock Climbing

Enjoy the breath taking; scenic views of Manali. Climb the rarest mountainsites, which are far away from the chaotic city traffics.


It was earlier a technique developed by the climbers but now it has become a favorite sports among travellers. Rappelling is generally done when the terrain is not easy to walk and scale by climbers.

4River crossing

It is one of the most loved activity by the tourists. Crossing the banks of river Beas with the help of wires and ropes. Experience the chilled water and the freshness that the river has to offer by crossing it.

5White water rafting

Enjoy the challenging route with many staircase rapids, which are challenging for both the rafters and to the tourist. Let the adrenaline rush through your body. Experience the extreme and never-ending thrill of rafting.


Fly like a bird in your own sky, open your wings and have a close look of Manali, a bird eye view through your own eyes. Experience this exceptional activity in Manali.


Manali also offers exciting skiing opportunities to both beginners as well the professional skiers. Manali consists of some of the most scenic landscapes in the world; enjoy alpine skiing on the slopes of Rohtang Pass, Gulaba and Solang Valley.


Manali is an absolute delight for the adventure seeking enthusiasts. People can trek to Jogni waterfalls, Beas Kund, Bhrigu Lake, KharMyundari, Kheerganga and many more all based on the availability of time.